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Designed by Shaun Killa, the Museum of the Future (MOTF) in Dubai is a landmark dedicated to innovative ideas and technologies that could shape humanity’s future.

Since its grand opening on February 22, 2022, over one million visitors from 163 countries have experienced its visionary exhibits.

The 77-meter (252 feet) tall museum has glowing Arabic calligraphy on its exterior that forms the building’s windows and lights up its name at night.

The calligraphy on the site reflects Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s focus on innovation and creativity.

This article will tell you everything you need to know before purchasing the best Museum of the Future tickets.

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Opening Hours -

Last Entry -

Ticket Price -

Time needed -

Best Time To Visit -

Location -

10 am to 6 pm

1 hour before closing

AED 151 ($41)

2-3 Hours

Early Morning or Weekdays

Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre 2,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

What is so special about Museum of the Future?

The Museum of the Future (MOTF) is divided into five chapters and has seven floors.

Each floor is dedicated to a different aspect of the future, and the chapters are spread across the floors in the following way:

  • Chapter 1: Level 5: OSS Hope
  • Chapter 2: Level 4: Heal Institute
  • Chapter 3: Level 3: Al Waha or the Oasis
  • Chapter 4: Level 2: Tomorrow Today
  • Chapter 5: Level 1: Future Heroes

Chapter 1:

OSS Hope – For Space Exploration

Your adventure begins on the 5th floor, OSS Hope, a simulated space station. You blast off in an elevator, Earth shrinking as you approach the holographic command center. Inspired by the call for space pioneers, you apply and are chosen, ready to set out on a life-changing journey.


Chapter 2:

Heal Institute – For Nature and Sustainability

On the 4th floor, the Heal Institute transports you to the Amazon rainforest. Within the DNA library, you encounter over 2,400 species preserved in jars, a stark reminder of extinction. The biosynth device reveals the future of these species, some thriving like the Tapir, others like the Levuana moth, extinct. This inspires a commitment to protect our planet’s biodiversity.

Chapter 3:

Al Waha – For Well-being and Mindfulness

Stepping into Al Waha on the 3rd floor, you disconnect from technology and reconnect with yourself. A sensory awakening begins on a water-like path, followed by “feeling therapy” and ground therapy. The Universal Harmony physician therapist involves you in a display of light, sound, and scent, promoting unity and relaxation. Finally, meditation in a tranquil space leaves you refreshed and reconnected to your inner self.

Chapter 4:

Tomorrow Today – For Technology and Innovation

On the 2nd floor, Tomorrow Today presents a glimpse into the future. Self-driving cars, futuristic drones, and a unique bicycle showcase advancements in transportation. The highlight is the outdoor viewing deck, offering breathtaking views that seem to stretch into the future.

Chapter 5:

Future Heroes – For Education and Empowerment

The journey ends on the 1st floor in Future Heroes, a playful space designed for children. They explore technology in a fun and engaging way, sparking their imaginations and fueling their dreams for the future.

From the space station to the futuristic technology, the Museum of the Future is a journey of hope, healing, and tomorrow.

It leaves you inspired by the potential of the future and committed to shaping a brighter world.


How to get tickets for Museum of the Future

With 3,000 visitors swarming through its doors daily, MOTF is a hot ticket, so book your spot online at least 15 days in advance to avoid missing out.

Museum of the Future tickets are only available online.

To buy tickets, choose your quantity, date, and time slot on the ticket booking page.

Tickets are sent to your email; no printout is required.

When you show your e-ticket at the entrance of the Museum of the Future, you will receive a wristband.

This wristband allows you to access all areas of the museum and will be scanned at various points throughout your visit.

Museum of the Future Tickets Price

The cheapest Museum of the Future entry ticket is priced at AED 151 ($41) for visitors over the age of four.

Children below the age of four are allowed free admission, but they still require a ticket.

The Museum of the Future and Burj Khalifa ticket combo costs AED 279 ($76) per adult.

Types of TicketsAdult PricesTicket Link
Entry TicketAED 151 ($41)Buy This  Ticket
Burj Khalifa and MOTFAED 279 ($76)Buy This Ticket
MOTF and Sky Views ObservatoryAED 191 ($52)Buy This Ticket
View At The Palm and MOTFAED 206 ($56)Buy This Ticket

Museum of the Future Ticket

This Museum of the Future entry ticket grants you access to the five immersive chapters spread across five floors of this unique building.

At just AED 151 ($41), you will explore interactive exhibits, from space exploration and environmental healing to personal well-being and futuristic technology.

The MOTF ticket is timed, so you must select a time slot starting from 9.30 am (when the Museum of the Future opens)

All children under the age of four are free to enter, but they must be accompanied by an adult holding a paid ticket.

As MOTF strives for an all-inclusive experience, A caretaker and a person of determination are entitled to free admission to the Museum of the Future

Museum of the Future Entry Fee:

Visitors’ AgePrice
Adult ticket (4+ years)AED 150 ($41)
Child ticket (upto 4 years)Free Entry

 The Museum of the Future tickets are not refundable. This means that once you purchase a ticket, you cannot cancel it and receive a refund.

Museum Of The Future OSS Hope
Museum Of The Future Sand Walk

Museum of the Future Combo Tickets

Tourists love Dubai’s Future Museum, and combo tickets are a big reason why.

Not only are they up to 10% cheaper than buying tickets separately, but they also give you something else to do after a 1 to 2-hour visit.

The Museum of the Future combo ticket prices range from AED 191 ($52) to AED 206 ($76).

Here are our top three combo tickets that include entry to the Future Museum

1. Burj Khalifa + Museum of the Future 

Combine your visit to the Museum of the Future with the iconic Burj Khalifa for a discounted price of AED 279 ($76).

This combo ticket grants you access to both attractions and saves you 8% compared to individual tickets.

Enjoy breathtaking views from the Burj Khalifa’s observation decks and explore the futuristic exhibits at the Museum of the Future.

Children under four can enter for free. 

Note that rescheduling or canceling this combo ticket is not possible.

Ticket prices:

Visitor’s AgePrice
Adult ticketAED 279 ($76)

2. Museum of the Future + Sky View Observatory Dubai

For a day filled with both futuristic marvels and stunning vistas, consider the Sky View Observatory and Museum of the Future combo ticket.

This convenient package provides a 10% discount over purchasing tickets separately, making it a cost-effective way to visit two of Dubai’s newest attractions.

A combo ticket gives you access to the Future Museum’s five chapters and the Address Sky Views Observatory Decks with a one-time glass slide and a 30-minute Sky Walk.

The Sky View portion of the ticket can be rescheduled up to 48 hours before your visit.

Ticket price:

Visitor’s AgePrice
Adult ticketAED 206 ($56)

3. View At the Palm + Museum of the Future

The combo ticket offers admission to both attractions for AED 206 ($56), which is AED 39 ($10) cheaper than buying individual tickets.

The View at The Palm provides panoramic views of Dubai’s skyline and development from over 200 meters high on Palm Jumeirah.

Meanwhile, the Museum of the Future immerses visitors in innovative exhibits showcasing Dubai’s vision for the future.

Ticket price:

Visitor’s AgePrice
Adult ticketAED 206 ($56)

Is it free to enter the Museum of the Future?

While entry to the Museum of the Future isn’t free for most visitors, there are a couple exceptions.

Kids under four can go in for free; there is no need to book tickets ahead of time.

Just head to the front desk when you arrive, and they’ll sort you out.

The other group that gets Museum of the Future free entry is people with disabilities (also People of Determination) and their caregiver.

Again, no need to pre-book, just stop by customer service when you get there.

Both of these groups may need to show something to prove they qualify for the free ticket.

Future Museum Dubai Timings 

The Museum of the Future in Dubai is currently open from 10 am to 9.30 pm.

However, starting from January 1st, 2024, the opening hours will be revised to 9.30 am to 7 pm.

How much time is needed for the Museum of Future Dubai?

The time you need at the Museum of the Future depends on how much you love futuristic stuff, space adventures, and all things sustainability.

Most people spend 2 to 3 hours checking out all the MOTF exhibits and experiences at a relaxed pace.

If you’re short on time, 1 to 2 hours will give you a good overview of the museum.

But if you’re a true-blue future enthusiast and want to experience everything, consider setting aside 3 or more hours

You can really get lost in the exhibits, interact with everything, and take it all in.

People also ask… 

How much does a ticket to the Museum of the Future cost, and can I buy it at the entrance?

The entry ticket to the Museum of the Future is AED 151 ($41) for adults (4+ years).

All tickets must be purchased online at least 15 days in advance, and no tickets are available for purchase at the entrance.

Is it possible to get a refund for Museum of the Future tickets?

No, Museum of the Future tickets are non-refundable. Once purchased, tickets cannot be canceled, and refunds are not issued

Can you go to the Museum of the Future without a ticket?

Unfortunately, you cannot go to the Museum of the Future without a ticket. All visitors, except for those who qualify for free entry, need to have a valid ticket to enter.

Is there a minimum age to enter the Museum of the Future? 

No, there is no minimum age for entry to the Museum of the Future. Everyone is welcome to visit and explore the exhibits, regardless of age.

Is it possible to cancel or change the date of a Future Museum ticket after you have made the purchase?

While there’s no option to cancel a Future Museum ticket, you can modify your visit date once, up to 24 hours before the original date and time selected.

Remember, all ticket purchases are non-refundable, so you won’t receive a refund even if you cancel altogether.

What If You Miss Your MOTF Ticket Entry Time?

If you miss your ticket entry time for the Museum of the Future (MOTF), you may still be allowed to enter the exhibitions, but it’s not guaranteed.

The museum staff will do their best to accommodate you in the next available time slot.

Featured image : Tobias Reich on Unsplash